Flowmeter As the leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic flow measurement solutions, the hedland product line features over 18,000 in-line variable area flow meters.

量计: 中文名称:流量计,英文名称:flowmeter,是一种指示被测流量和(或)在选定的时间间隔内流体总量的仪表。 烟台安东电子有限公司为您提供:供应浮球式液位计烟台安. Universal flow monitors, inc manufactures vane style, vortex shedding, rotameters and laminar flow element flowmeters for use in industry applications of special. Remember that all standard dwyer flowmeters are calibrated for standard atmospheric pressure and is the rate-master® or visi-float® flowmeter compatible with. Rosemount™ 8800d series vortex flowmeter read this manual before working with the product for personal and system safety, and for optimum product performance, make. We manufacture and supply high quality flow meters and specialist hydraulic components call our friendly, expert team with your enquiry today.

Discover our range of multiphase, ultrasonic and vortex multivariable flow meters and measurement software for water, steam, air & other liquids and gases. Maintenance and service tools, flow computers and other accessories for flow measurement flowmeter parts, flow computers. Shanghai kent instrument co, ltd (formerly shanghai kent intelligent kvfn vortex flowmeter is a kind of stress type vortex flowmeter based on the karman. Argon regulator tig welder mig welding co2 flowmeter light duty flow meter cylinder nitrogen/argon/helium regulator with 10' hose, 50-38 scfh flow range, 25 psig outlet. A flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid moving through a pipe flow measurement applications are very diverse and each.

A flow meter is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas when choosing flow meters, one. It is usual to provide a flowmeter at the column outlet 在柱子出口处常常要安装一个流量计。the magnetic flowmeter is expensive but has found wide application 电磁流量计. Ultrasonic flowmeter,electromagnetic flowmeter,water meter,vibration meter,level meter.

Longrun is specialized in providing industrial products, mainly flow meter,heat meter,level meter and thickness gauge. Flow meters for clean water - a variety of technologies for monitoring the flow rate of clean water. Changzhou chengfeng flowmeter co,ltd was established in 1979,our company is the professional manufacturer of flowmeters,thermometers,liquid level meters.


The variable area flowmeter is one of the oldest and mature principles in flow measurement with its simple design: which other flow meters do not support.

  • Vaf instruments positive displacement liquid flowmeters are the most accurate volumetric measurement system for your installation highly accurate measurements for a.
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  • Changzhou chengfeng flowmeter co,ltd for 30 years, has been in the study and progress, learning advanced foreign instrumentation equipment and technology, the.

Durchflussmesser oder flowmeter, micro- und mini, eignen sich sehr gut zur messung von: di-, ve-wasser, glykol, säuren, laugen, chemie, adblue®, Öl, schmierstoffe. 上海鹤吉自动化仪表有限公司是集流量计的研发、生产、销售为一体的现代化高新技术企业,从事流量计的生产和制造。主要产品:电磁流量计,气体流量计,涡街. Define flowmeter: an instrument for measuring one or more properties (such as velocity or pressure) of a flow (as of a liquid in a pipe. Darhor is a flowmeter manufacturer in chinavarious flowmeter can be found here: water flowmeter, air flowmeter, gas flowmeter and so on. As the leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic flow measurement solutions, the hedland product line features over 18,000 in-line variable area flow meters. Monitoring of flow rate using a flowmeter flow meters are used in many industrial branches, particularly in the area of automated production.

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